ClariTrans Mechanical Turk NDA/Terms Of Service

  1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions (Terms as a Contract)
  2. Conditions of ClariTrans Contracted Employment
  3. It is your responsibility to maintain proper posture and good health. Transcriptionist agrees that ClariTrans will not be held responsible for any damage to health in any way as a result of time spent working for ClariTrans. Transcriptionist works at their own risk. ClariTrans does not provide professional medical advise.

  4. ClariTrans Transcription
  5. Transcriptionist Conduct
  6. Password Confidentiality & Account Security
  7. Privacy & Personal Information
  8. Proprietary Rights & Intellectual Property
  9. Termination of Employment
  10. Indemnification
  11. Legal Claims
  12. Notices (Contacting Transcriptionists)
  13. Changes to the Agreement & Services

Last Updated: September 25, 2009
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